Sat.20 / 15:00 - 16:00

The perception that we form about the space through our sensations is formed during the first years of our life. A “library” of incentives-reactions, that makes our perception functional. Our perception produces different information according to the environment we live in. The produced information can sometimes be drastically different from our real environment and/or even not match at all with it. Somehow, most of the times we “surmise” what is real. The visual hallucinations disturb this balance. The holography, as a process, exacerbates the perception. The combination of analog and digital holography reveals the hybrid space that exists between real and digital.


This academic talk will be done in greek.

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Nikos Kourniatis

Nikos Kourniatis is an Architect with master, doctorate and Post-Doc studies in Geometry and Architecture. He has particularly been working on optical illusions and he has been making holograms. He teaches Geometry courses at the School of Architecture NTUA and at the Department of Civil Engineering in Piraeus University of Applied Sciences. He has designed a series of household objects for IONIA Company that has been produced in China. He has organized exhibitions on optical illusions at the Interactive Exhibition of Science and Technology at the Eugenides Foundation, at the Herakleidon Museum, at the Experimental School of Thessaloniki and at the French Institute of Thessaloniki. Finally, he is the writer of some relevant books.

Ioanna Fakiri

Ioanna Fakiri is an architect, design researcher, and scholar broadly interested in the impact of computational media on discourse about design and making. She attained a BA in architecture from the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA) in 2014 and furthered her studies with an MA in Architectural Design in 2016. Her research interests focus on the extended scope of Landscape Urbanism, according to which the urban landscape can be redefined / designed through the remedial procedures of the urban landscape. On this basis her research presented a first conceptual approach to a mechanism that may monitor the transformation of natural space, fed with data obtained from its analysis, in order to compose them and redefine the urban space. Ioanna as a member of Hellenic Mathematical Society is interrogating the meanings and circulation of structural and relational mathematical ideas in early design research so as to provide an alternative historical and critical account of the emergence of usercentric and participatory perspectives in design. She was teaching assistant at the National Technical University of Athens and she has participated in several international conferences. She enjoys engaging in organizational, curatorial, and editorial activities. She collaborates with Multiplicity Architects & Partners in London as an Associate Architect while she runs the same architectural office in Athens.