Thu.18 / 16:00-18:00
Fri.19 / 13:00-15:00
Sat.20 / 16:00-17:00

The ‘Creativity & Technology Artist Flash Talks’ consist of a series of 15 mins presentations of the festival’s participating artists within the context of our new initiative ‘ADAF Artists Network’. Talks will be responding to this year’s theme #PostFuture (#PostDigital #PostEconomies  #PostHumanities #PostNature); where the artists will have the chance to present their artistic practises and the methodologies on how they integrate technology with creativity. The aim is to create a dialogue with the participating audiences and artists and foster interdisciplinarity.

ADAF Artists Network has been created in 2017 as a platform that supports the creation of participating artists, presentation and dissemination of digital art through its annual thematic programme. We forge dynamic programmes and collaborations, where artists benefit from our diverse network of artists and partners. We facilitate connections in and outside the digital art world; where dialogue and exchange happen through our creative community through exchange of information, project news, artist talks and interdisciplinary collaborations between art and technology.


The talks will mainly take place at the amphitheatre and will continue at the artists’ room.


Free entrance with queue precedence

Day entrance tickets for theater events will be distributed at the reception of the venue

The talks include:


Mash Up Cinema // Julien Lahmi (Festival Director)

Brainlight – connecting art + science // Laura Jade Hindes (Artist)

Works of XCEED // Cheung Hon-him, Chris (Artistic Director of XCEED)

Exploring Audio, Visual and Movement, through Technology // StratoFyzika (Artist)

Mapping The Perceptual Landscape // Doron Sadja

Science as an inspiration for art // Yiannis Kranidiotis (Artist)

Embodied Memories // Marilena Georgantzi (Architect-designer) & Evi Souli (Choreographer)

Accessible Music Technology and

Improvisation // Stelios Giannoulakis (Composer, Sound Designer, Engineer)

Immaterial // M Wingren (Artist)

Architectural space intervention // Martin Mayer, mayer+empl (Artist)

Science as an inspiration for art // Yiannis Kranidiotis (Artist)

Profanation // Mariano Equizzi (Director @ Komplex)

Browser History Dating // Dries Depoorter (Artist)

Playworks // Artemis Papageorgiou (Creative Director @ Entropika Lab)

Past, present and future // Sebastien, AV Exciters (Artist)


Still taken from HuffPost the blog, from an article written by Jason Silva, “At TED Active 2011 SCIENCE, ART = WONDER”