Sun.21 / 16:00 - 17:00

The drum echoes of the unborn heart beat are so fast and they enable us to connect with the rhythm of life. Modern technology has removed much of the ‘heart mystery’ but there is still more to discover. The presentation will give ideas and inspire the participants with how the sound of life and heartbeat connect with art, science and modern technology. Unborn hearts, the fastest heartbeat pumping life-force with a steady rhythm, giving people the opportunity to see the scope of a single heartbeat from another perspective.


Free entrance with queue precedence

Day entrance tickets for theater events will be distributed at the reception of the venue

Τero Alamäki (FI)

CEO founder (Odosoft Unborn heart) Software Professional with an extensive Embedded SW and Mobile Apps development experience. Certified Scrum Master with a strong project team leadership experience. Entrepreneur with a mission to disrupt pregnant women’s home fetal monitoring experience. Father of three, midwife’s husband. “Share the joy of expecting a baby with your loved ones!”

Manolis Anastasakos (GR)

Art Director of Biomimicry Greece Research and Innovation.

Manolis Anastasakos hails from Greece and has done solo and group exhibitions in Europe, Balkan countries, Asia and America. He worked as a sculptor, painter, director, engraver, and set designer for movies, theater productions and television. His work has earned him several international awards. He is the art director of the “Biomimicry Greece, Research & Ιnnovation Center”and in 2016 he started his collaboration in NASA’s innovative programme space apps challenge, country Greece. His work is included in contemporary art museum collections in Greece and abroad, as well as in important private collections. Several monumental works of his have been displayed in public spaces, through European programs. Now he works as a freelance artist all over the world.

Kleopatra Alamantariotou (GR)

CEO founder of Biomimicry Greece Research and Innovation.

Κleopatra Alamantariotou studied Midwifery in Athens. She is a graduate of City University of London  and holds a postgraduate degree in Health Informatics since 2008; she also holds a postgraduate degree in Midwifery from the Middlesex University (2007). She is a PhD candidate in the field of health innovation and application for mobile phones and participates in many European projects on the communication of innovative knowledge. In addition, she is the founder and CEO of the Biomimicry Research and Innovation Center (Biomimicry Greece Research and Innovation Center) and advisory board  of Biomimicry Norway. Also, she is a global Leader of NASA space, in collaboration with Nasa Open innovation center.