#A/V Performances
Sat.20 / 22:00 - 22:45

Tanuki possesses powerful magical abilities. They are similar to kitsune in their superb ability to change shape. They have a jovial nature and delight in playing tricks on humans.

Tanukis is a long-term polymorph, digital art project. It is focused on one virtual puppet, the “tanuki”. Through him/her/it, François Zajéga investigates the anatomy of a 3D avatar, video game technologies as a new ground for artistic research and the relation between sub and high culture. In the performance, a puppeteer and a musician work during an hour on stage to give life to an avatar. Its movements, shape and textures evolve throughout the set, from the standard 3D avatar to abstract shapes, landscapes and pure graphical composition.


Free entrance with queue precedence

Day entrance tickets for theater events will be distributed at the reception of the venue

François Zajéga (BE)

François is an artist/programmer living and coding in Brussels. After training in computer graphics, training in drawing, a professional career as web-designer / web-master (as an employee and entrepreneur), he explored the science field in the Numédiart Institute of the University of Mons, as a specialized researcher in video processing and human-machine interaction. He is now assistant in the digital arts section directed by Michel Cleempoel at Arts², the School of the Arts of Mons. He presents his work in international exhibitions and festivals, gives lectures and organises workshops about the machine’s place in artistic production and the relationship between arts and science. He is currently working on a game engine based on Ogre3D and Puredata as part of a project named Polymorph.

Loïc Reboursière (FR)

After a university career that led him from multimedia (Laval), to cinema and theater (Caen), to arrive at the digital scenography (Valenciennes) and the electro-acoustic composition (Valenciennes – Art Zoyd), he is currently working as a researcher at the Polytechnic Faculty of Mons on the NUMEDIART Excellence Program, in which he specializes on augmented guitar.
In parallel to this research, he works on his own creations and collaborates in the development of various artistic projects: When two truths meet that they say? (Loïc Reboursière), Resonance (Otso Lähdeoja and Loïc Reboursière), La Machine (Philippe Asselin, Espace Pier Paolo Pasolini and Loïc Reboursière). In each of these
projects, he tries to have a dual approach, both technical and artistic, the two being, for him, inseparable and compulsory.