NOS “Live”

#A/V Performances
Thu.18 / 21:30 - 22:10

Today’s technology allows us to make the boundaries of art and artistic production more flexible and transparent. These 3 artists, who have collaborated on various projects, are aiming to create a more hybrid and holistic perception for sound and visuals.

The auditory experience is transformed into an audio-visual experience by the real-time visual generator tool “NOS”, which has been developed by Nohlab ( Deniz Kader – Candaş Şişman ) and Osman Koç. NOS, analyzes the sound in the performance in real time and uses this data as a parameter in the calculations for the visuals, which melts the sound and visuals into a single entity. Moreover allowing manual control of different parameters of the visuals, turns visuals into another instrument thus transforming the visual production process into a performative one as well.

With the AudioFil’s artistic and experimental approach on sound,the audience will hear the compositions they build with their own softwares and ways of integrating with sound through generative audio processing softwares. The duo plays with the sonic perception and applies generative sound processing techniques in their compositions.

Free entrance with queue precedence

Day entrance tickets for theater events will be distributed at the reception of the venue


NOS is a collaborative platform, founded by NOhlab (Candaş Şişman, Deniz Kader) and Osman Koç, which aims for a holistic perception of sound and visuals, by using a custom software which enables sound to directly affect the visuals, and become an instrument through real-time manipulation capabilities that allow artistic interpretation.

NOHlab (TR) - Art Direction and Performance

NOHlab, is founded by Deniz Kader and Candaş Şişman in 2011. It is a multidisciplinary studio, working on art direction, experience design, animation, audiovisual performances and new media field for art and culture and advertisement industry.

AudioFil – Electro Accoustic Performance

AudioFil is founded by Alican Okan and Mehmet Ünal for creating Sound Design, Electronic Music, Sounds Installations, Game Music and integrating sounds on softwares in Istanbul. AudioFil is making their compositions by creating their own algorithms, softwares and electronic / acoustic musical instruments at their sound laboratory to make unique and inspiring works.

Osman Koç – Creative Coding and Performance

Osman Koç is an Istanbul based, creative technologist/artist, whose main research focus is experimenting with different physical interaction methods for installations, spaces and stages. In 2014, he co-founded Iskele47, a maker space/multidisciplinary design hub, where he continues to experiment, teach, consult, prototype and make.

Nohlab – Art Direction & Visual Performance

Audiofil– ElectroAccousticPerformance
Osman Koç – Creative Coding

Real-time visualizationtool –  NOS Visual Engine