#A/V Performances
Fri.19 / 23:00 - 23:20

THÆTA is the third performance of StratoFyzika’s Shadows Trilogy. With new collaborations in sound and interactivity (sensors building, coding), the concept still steeped in the subconscious realms and the dealing with the ego: the dark and light shadow aspects of one’s self (as in the first two parts of the trilogy) but also on the edge of the conscious, waking self; visions on the edge of sleep, whispy light shadows, multi-dimensional geometric objects, sudden sound as if from the halls of a mind when in a dream state. This liminal zone is a state referred to as Hypnogogia. THÆTA embodies this borderland state. All merge onto the stage, interactively; body dynamics, auditory sensations and visuals function as the culmination of parts into one constellation in live performance.

THÆTA is the result of an on-going research about movement based on A/V environments for performance. Has been funded so far through a crowd funding and said research will be shared as open-source.


Free entrance with queue precedence

Day entrance tickets for theater events will be distributed at the reception of the venue


StratoFyzika Collective

StratoFyzika is a Berlin based, collective that creates movement-based, interactive audiovisual performances, founded on the meeting of three personalities, three fields (sound, animated images and dance), and three cultural backgrounds. Alessandra Leone (IT), Lenka Kocisova (CZ), Hen Lovely Bird (USA), met for their very first collaboration, in 2012. Each of the three artists/fields/backgrounds represents one “stratum” (Strato) of their complex perception: audio, visual and movement layers. They use the laws of physics (Fyzika) as a metaphorical way of explaining material states from the realms of imagination, emotions and spirit. A multi-layered process that echoes the cognitive processes of the mind and the way stories are collected through life as a tool of learning and orientation. In 2014, the formation of the group evolved, seeing Alessandra Leone and Hen Lovely Bird still as core members, but opening to a wider and specific number of collaborations. Giovanni Marco Zaccaria / interactive technology (IT) joined for the creation of “Shadows of aikia” and again in 2014 together with Davic Nod / sound (SP), Oriol Pastor / creative coding (SP) , Thomas Vanta / creative coding (SP) , for the production of THÆTA. Daria Kaufman / choreography, dance (US), who collaborated already in the past for the creation of a StratoFyzika dance for camera video (Atavistic Matter), joined the team for Phi (currently work-in-progress).

Photo credits for them is @Dario-Jacopo Laganà