#A/V Performances

‘Inner mind architecture’ project re-generates space using light, wind, multi-transparent-screens, and unique architectured sound fields. The performance is changing the perception of  space every second with the use of light , while the reverberation of sound emanating from architecture creates architectured sound fields. The project thus becomes an architecture of light and sound created on a time axis.

The project is composed by four elements.
The first element is “Sculpture of light like a mirage”
A light sculpture, made of light and fog coming out from the gap in between the multilayered structured cut screens.

The second element is “Three dimensional visual experiment using multilayered transparent screens and video”.  This element converts simple geometric animation like an architectural plan into the three-dimensional image by the use of screens.

The third element is “Control the fan behind the screen and wake the wind.”
This is a projection of an irregular three-dimensional vision by the use of wind coming out of large, electric fans behind the screens.

Finally, the fourth and last part is “Use of unique reverberation sounds from the shape of each architecture.”
Here a large sound amplifier is created to produce spatial effects by using the whole architecture of the space.
This way the artwork creates totally different sound fields by each architecture.


Free entrance with queue precedence

Day entrance tickets for theater events will be distributed at the reception of the venue


Event takes place during the opening, Wednesday May 17th.

Kenta Nakagawa (JP)

Kenta Nakagawa (Born in Japan, 1980, currently based in Shiga) creates audio visual architectural performances.

He studies architectural structures around the world and develops new light-space architectured stuctures inside buildings using important elements (light and wind..etc) in completion to conventional architectures. He finds the hidden sound fields and new spaces in the architectures he studies and extends them. Hence his architectural performance can be characterized as expanded generative architecture.

He has performed different works with these architectures in St. Gertrud Germany version 1.O, Arsenale Di Venezia, Italy version 1.5,  Dnipropetrovsk Philharmonic, Ukraine, version 2.0, The Neratze Mosque Crete, Greece, version 2.5, and Version 3.0 will premiere in Athens, Greece, for ADAF 2017.

Kenta Nakagawa has been awarded with Kurz und Schön 2014 (public art award) in Cologne, Germany, Visual music award 2014 (honorable mention), Frankfurt, Germany, 9th Arte laguna performance prize 2015 Italy, Venezia (finalist), Art directors club Germany competition 2015 : Bronze Prize: Berlin, Germany, CROSS international Performance Award 2015: Special Mention: Italy Milan.