THU-SUN / 10:00-00:00
1st Floor

Petrichor is named for the scent after it rains. The piece is interested in the traces people leave. It aims to occupy a space between the physical/ephemeral, the digital/elemental, and the conscious/unconscious.

Water vapor is used as a projection surface, making images appear to float in space. The impetus to work with an ephemeral screen comes from a series of dreams where different dimensions and spirit realms were separated through non-corporeal perceptual fields. Petrichor distills the feeling of these esoteric inspirations using the relatable language of human forms, making the visitor integral to the piece.
In its final form, Petrichor is a simple, hypnotic visual statement, more of a question than an answer, and open to different levels of interaction/interpretation.

M Wingren (US)

In thinking about throughlines in my work I realize that my focus is on something blurry – I’m interested in the line in-between as the thing. Though maybe it’s not always a line but a gradient, or something even more spacious. From a broad perspective, I am interested in how culture relates to that which it creates, and how this can be transformed and augmented. In terms of minutia, I end up watching a lot of computer fan reviews.
My background ranges from intermedia art to neuroscience (as well as things like writing to entertain Google’s spiders, teaching art in jail, and singing in a goth Rihanna cover band). I am currently an interaction designer at Fabrica Research Centre.


M Wingren is an interaction designer at Fabrica Research Centre and a Master’s Candidate at Aalto University in Sound in New Media and Human Neuroscience and Technology. Exhibitions and performances for M’s works include:  Currents International New Media Festival, Meow Wolf Art Complex,  Radical Abacus, AHA Festival of Progressive Arts, CAM Raleigh, Mass Gallery, El Cosmico, AMOCA, Tamarind Institute, Thomas Robertello Gallery, and X Sound Festival.