THU-SUN / 10:00-20:00
4th Floor

Immersio is an interactive experience that immerses the participant inside a lucid dream, a world that drifts from reality to abstraction and questions the role of the body and its perception in the digital space. Wearing virtual reality goggles and headphones, the user “dives” into a virtual ambulatory space. This installation is the opportunity to question the language and grammar of virtual reality.

Immersio offers an exploration of this medium, leaving text, narration and characters behind, for focusing on drama, movement, interactivity, generative and random processes. Immersio offers an individual, intimate experience. An attempt to redefine the relationship between the participant and the artist, through an experience that mixes live performance, visual arts and digital arts. Intended for a single viewer.

Immersio Group (BE)

Immersio Group is a multidisciplinary group from Belgium and France which gathers motion-designers, musicians, computer engineers and graphic designers.
Although each member of the group has his own area of specialisation, they all effortlessly change role
inside the Immersio team.