THU-SUN / 10:00-00:00
1st Floor

When the gesture becomes “musical” …

This artwork explores the relationship between the body and New Technologies, live performance and music. The cross -participation of two disciplines: Movement/ Dance & technology. Discovery, appreciation and appropriation of an interactive sound space. The audience is prompted to discover the movement capture, its practice and its stakes. To initiate a computer input device for movement. To explore modes of auditory interactions in space. Technological and physical use and experimentation in order to meet an invisible digital, scenic and scenographic environment.


Kamel GHABTE is a versatile digital artist who develops, through UNISPHÈRES & My DIGITAL FOOD, different tools and programmes revolving around digital interactivity in real time. Besides, he’s a consultant as well as a composer of electronic music and an instructor in digital audio and digital interactivity. Since 2007, Kamel GHABTE is certified pro by Apple. His work revolves around artistic language, computer science as well as audio and visual content.
His questioning focuses on the processes of artistic exchange, and the answers he gives are related to retranscription.