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Under the giant wave of big data, every decision we make on the web is being drawn into a bottomless whirlpool. Whether you drop a keyword in Google’s search engine, or click a like on Facebook, the Internet will record it and customize the filter bubble according to your behavior. Even though we are aware that our user’s behavior, privacy and security are being monitored, we are still willing to sacrifice a certain level of freedom. In other words, we are surrendering our privacy just to get connected to the virtual world. To echo the theme “Surviving the Glass System” of the Cinema 2.0 Media Art Exhibition, we create a wearable device entitled “Collar AG” that offers the visitors a unique experience of spatial intervention. The device pretends to be an audioguide that walk you through the exhibition site,automatically giving you information about the artwork. Yet, the device will intervene with the visitors’ behavior by giving irrelevant signals, offering an extraordinary exhibition experience to the audience. Collar AG is a fashionable object that acts as a remediation of the ideological frames of the internet. The project attempts to experiment this seductive and contradictory situation.


XCEED is a new media art collective based in Hong Kong, focusing on digital art  installation, spatial design and interactive performance. Their works have been  selected for various international art festivals, screenings, exhibitions and  performances;  showcased in countries including Italy, Spain, Argentina, Brazil,  US and in Asian cities. Recent artworks have been selected and commissioned by the Hong
Kong Heritage Museum and by the Museum of Contemporary Art of Taipei. Their latest collaborations work with art organizations included the Creative Media Centre, the Hong  Kong Chinese Orchestra, the ifva Festival, the City Contemporary Dance Company, the Hong Kong Ballet and more.
XCEED is about transcending boundaries and beyond limitations.