#ADAF kids
THU-SUN / 10:00-20:00
4th Floor

The Demonz is a large-area virtual reality game projected into reality. The goal is similarly as in the classic Czech ball game from childhood “dodgeball” but instead of hitting live opponents you will try to hit virtual targets in the shape of animated figures or other moving objects. Due to the combination of art and programming work was created a unique game pushing you to move and cooperate with the others.

Digital playgroundz is interactive and augmented reality platform for large scale applications for not only entertainment purposes on flat surfaces (walls) in various spatial configuration, without limitation to the number of users or size of the interactive area.

INITI (CZ) is a platform of visual artists, musicians and technicians who are involved in technically advanced public space projects. The collective focuses on interactive site-specific projects based on the symbiosis of visuals and sound. The essence of their audio-visual installations lies in the transformation of real space into an illusionary environment of virtual reality by means of exact calculations and architectural designs of buildings. The platform also prioritizes the history of each location, approaching it as an elementary inspirational layer in the creation of audio-visual content. Closed spaces are then often incited to interactive encounters with the public or the performers who themselves turn into authors of light tracks and sound landscapes within realtime tracking processes.