#ADAF kids
THU-SUN / 10:00-20:00
4th Floor

Virtual Graffiti is an evolution of classical graffiti. It presents multiple advantages, such as its medium which can be used ad infinitum. After registering virtual graffiti, it is possible to modify and to correct them. Furthermore, this device resolves the problem of paint fumes caused by “traditional” graffiti. The “Virtual Graffiti” perpetuates the advantages of graffiti, that is the possibility of having a free, accessible and open expression. In this installation, the goal is to transmit to the audience the techniques which will allow them to experiment and practice by themselves but also, and above all, together.




KAMEL GHABTE is a versatile digital artist who develops, through UNISPHÈRES & My DIGITAL FOOD, different tools and programmes revolving around digital interactivity in real time. Besides, he’s a consultant as well as a composer of electronic music and an instructor in digital audio and digital interactivity. Since 2007, KAMEL GHABTE is certified pro by Apple. His work revolves around artistic language, computer science as well as audio and visual content.
His questioning focuses on the processes of artistic exchange, and the answers he gives are related to retranscription.

Beyond the link between individuals, and even more, the link between men and machines, it is a matter of sharing between disciplines, in order to bind individuals. Within the UNISPHÈRES project, Kamel leads the research and development section of the Digital Arts Department. His proposals mobilize several languages, at the crossroads of spaces and disciplines. Since the beginning of the UNISPHÈRES adventure, Kamel brings his artistic, technical and pedagogical expertise. He develops the project through original concepts, which he designs in connection with the mutations, trends and needs to come. He carries a message in which sharing goes with multiple connections.