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Within a timeless universe, digital data travels without a destination, transferring traces of a culture that is slowly dying. Files that contain distorted images, sound fragments and video footage from cameras, record real and fictional events that intertwine in a network of information. A ‘story’ that rewrites itself through cut fragments of actions and recordings, within spread and, many times, fully disfigured images, that hold as reference point the end of a civilization technologically capable of communicating (and causing self-destruction). Metadata of a civilization that mutated and was violently lost in a time-loose era. Quoting T.S. Elliot, “Time present and time past, are both perhaps present in time future, and time future contained in time past. If all time is eternally present, all time is unredeemable. What might have been is an abstraction, remaining a perpetual possibility, only in a world of speculation. What might have been and what has been, point to one end, which is always present.” The installation Goodbye blue sky III is a network of real and false information, seen through time and space, that was recorded in the past using a string that connects the past, the present and the future.


The artists Stelios Deksis and Mirto Vounatsou focus on video installations, video/digital art and new media arts as their main research fields. They have been engaged in individual exhibitions and have curated and taken part in several collective exhibitions and festivals in Greece and abroad. They have been artistically collaborating since 1998.

Stelios Deksis (GR)

Stelios Deksis studied Illustration in the Fine Arts Academy, Visual and Applied Arts Department of Aristolte University of Thessaloniki (1984-1989). He holds an MFA in Digital Art Forms from the Athens School of Fine Arts (ASFA) and the National Technical University of Athens (1998-2000). Since 2011, he is Epicurus Professor in the Fine Arts Academy at ASFA, in the field of Visual and Applied Arts, specializing in the teaching of “Digital media and digital design”.

Mirto Vounatsou (GR)

Mirto Vounatsou holds an MFA in Digital Art Forms from the Athens School of Fine Arts (ASFA) and the National Technical University of Athens (1998-2000). She has graduated with honors in the Illustration department of ASFA (1992-1998), while she also graduated from the department of Visual Communication at the Fine Arts Academy of Berlin. Since 2003, she has been working as a partner for the Undergraduate and Postgraduate programmes, in the department of Photography and Audiovisual of the Technical University of Athens, with a specialisation in Digital video.

Panagiotis Triantafillidis (GR)

Panagiotis Triantafillidis is a creative technologist (BSc, MA). He studied Computer Science and completed his studies as he got a scholarship for the Master of Arts in Computer Animation, in the UK. He currently resides in Thessaloniki, doing research and creating works in the field of animation and interactive multimedia, collaborating with artists and companies, while teaching at secondary and higher education.

Stelios Nteksis, Mirto Vounatsou (concept, design, execution) Panagiotis Triantafillidis (execution of interactive mechanisms)