CROSSVISION | #PostAbstract

#Video Art
THU-SUN / 13:50-15:00
2nd Floor

Modern philosophy deems it impossible for man to ever achieve an objective grasp of reality. So, in today’s popular culture, TV and social media all focus lies on comparing the individual perceptions of shared experiences. Sometimes, however, a reminder is needed that even the impressions we can agree upon are deeply subjective and specific to the human race.

The video sequences of the Crossvision project are just as true or false as any conventional video would be. However, by rearranging the dimensional planes they no longer simulate the human sensory perception.


Duration: 4’06”

Henning Marxen (DE)

Henning Marxen is a product designer from Hamburg, Germany. After studying computer sciences in Lübeck he applied to the University of the Arts Bremen. There he studied the interdisciplinary major Integrated Design.

His works draw inspiration from all fields of design, mechanics, electronics and programming. Henning Marxen is currently operating from Bangkok, Thailand.