ISHTAR | #PostAbstract

#Video Art
THU-SUN / 13:50-15:00
2nd Floor

Isthar is inspired by the Assyrian mythological journey of Ishtar into the Underworld, 
a short film about metamorphosis, a journey from abstraction to beauty, 
from the wrapping geometries of darkness to grace, pulsing between the violence of change and the ever radical beauty of morphing angles & lines.

Ishtar is experienced as a sculptural piece, whose story unfolds through the continuous weaving and morphing of 3D mesh geometries.

The Assyrian legend of Ishtar spans multiple cultures, present in similar ancient Greek, Sumerian, Roman and Egyptian mythos. In the story, the goddess Ishtar passes through the seven gates of Hell, shedding her clothing at each gate, arriving undressed before the queen of the Underworld.

Ishtar, the goddess of fertility, sex, love and war, flits in and out of existence, collapsing and reshaping as she descends through the seven gates to finally fade into the abstract lines from which she originated.

“Exploring the relationship between movement, volume and texture, I am looking for the grace of an aesthetic inspired by mesh geometries, in order to deconstruct the beauty of sculptural movement.”

Duration: 2’40”

Marta Di Francesco (IT)

Marta Di Francesco (*1978) is a London based visual artist, exploring new aesthetics, merging poetics with code.

She’s interested in the implication of the digital process on identity and its fragmentation, exploring and questioning it through digital bleed, time displacement, and through the sculptural quality of time in 3D Aesthetics.

For over a decade, she has been writing and creating radical visual pieces, which inhabit and cross over the world of film, dance, fashion, and code.  She works through multidisciplinary collaborations to explore new expressions and conversations.

Di Francesco’s most recent screenings and exhibitions include the Third Culture Film Festival in Hong Kong 2017, ADAF #PostFuture Journey Exhibition at Athens International Airport 2017, the NEW AESTHETIC: FUTURE BODIES screening and talk at Film Festival Cologne and KFFK Cologne 2016, the Psych Space screening at the EEF Festival and talk at the Norman McLaren Retrospective at the Whitechapel Art Gallery London 2016, the screening and talk at RETUNE Digital Art Festival Berlin 2016, the DREAM:ON Digital Art screening at the Göethe Institut London, curated by Alpha-ville in 2014.

Her work has been featured in Taschen, WIRED, The Creators Project, Prosthetic Knowledge, and POSTmatter.