COMPLICITY | #PostUtopia

#Video Art
THU-SUN / 12:00-13:50
2nd Floor

“Complicity” is an ongoing long term project in performative cinema. We understand “performative cinema” as an ongoing exchange of images, thoughts and other stuff, that sediments in differently updated forms of cinematic productions. In that way we try to performatively undermine the representative logic of cinematic production: the film IS the process. What you see is a practical endeavor in media philosophy: “Aboutness” is over. Vollhardt and deLire do and think (“in” and “through”) media. This is our way to engage gender queerness and transgenderism performatively, rather than putting another genderqueer/transgendered body into a frame ready for consumption by an implicitly normative, distanced, unincorporated spectator who experiences herself in opposition/relation to the visual representation of gender given in so many “queer” films. The queerness, we believe, is in the machine, in the process, in the immersed spectator. “Representation” left and we don’t expect her back any time soon. Consequently every presentation of the material is destined to rot away while new branches grow and work with and against each other – a film like a coral (credit for the coral goes to art historian Judith Sieber).


Duration: 6’00”

Lene Vollhardt (DE)

Videophile Vollhardt and cluster lover deLire are a pipedream turned bomb. After a series of attempts to vomit and scream themselves to death (earning various titles and bruises in various institutions), they decided to join forces in calling for TOTAL LOVE FOREVER at some point during the summer of 2016. Between Berlin, Baltimore and NYC, the prolific gemini-libra constellation is working on various projects in performative cinema, grappling with Trans-Futurism, dystopia and power.

Lene Vollhardt (USA/GER) creates works that question the boundaries between the real and the virtual. Working in a diverse range of media including film, sculpture, performance and sound, her works invite to evaluate the construction of memory, identity and the understanding of duration. Vollhardt has recently won the prize of emerging artists of the Art Council Baden Württemberg (GER) 2017 and the HongKong ArtHouse Filmprize (HK).

Luce DeLire (GER)

Luce DeLire (GER) is holding a PHD in Literature and Philosophy. She is working on and with the art of treason in Post-secular modernities, the metaphysics of self destruction, the critical theory of theft in its relation to smart fascism and the political philosophy of post political knowledge seduction.