#Video Art
THU-SUN / 12:00-13:45
2nd Floor

The video part of UN-Titled From 2AM (2016) is a visual non-story documentary film which uses the sound, darkness and light of a journey. The journey took place on the DB CITY NIGHT LINE in both Germany and Austria. As a result, the whole journey was made in several train journeys from Berlin station, Cologne station, Munich station and Vienna station, to present the sleeping train’s hallucinations and experiences by the moving lights in an extremely dark environment. The whole film was shot after 2AM. The ‘2AM’ time in the film has an important meaning, because the real performance begins: the train’s sound, light and darkness without the interruption of human sound. There is no dialogue in this non-narrative experimental film.

Duration: 3’01”

Karen Lin Wan-Ru (TW)

Karen, Lin Wan-Ru 林宛儒 has worked in graphic design for several years and is experienced in multimedia installation projects. She utilizes contemporary narrative to address her ideas, which are related to photographic image, ambient sound and experimental video. Currently, she conducts a research program in Goldsmith University of London to interoperate specific events from the perspective of light to view on “Reality” and “Imagination”, which combine Digital coding, Cinema Photography and Moving Image.