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Every incident is connected to a specific sound. Dissolving the compound opens new    perspectives. Abstractions expose that the present view is merely a modifiable convention.

Dos Plus is the audio visual collaboration of filmmaker/visual artist Eleni Ampelakiotou and the experimental improve Electric-Guitar-Duo William Bravo Duo. Together they perform multisensorial interferences between narrative abstract fiction and instant improvised compositions to create a visual and sonic resonating experience.

The William Bravo Duo explore the sound map of their diverse musical origins, clashing their influences from the free jazz improvised music scene with the deconstructive energy of the avant-garde progressive pop movement performing as an electrified experimental post free noise jazz guitar duo based in Berlin.

In their musical dialogue and radical improvisations, Spanish guitarist Antonio Bravo and German film composer and guitarist Wilhelm Stegmeier deconstruct complex wavering noises to hallucinating hypnotic feedback that explode into improvised action paintings of colourful contemporary psychedelic soundscapes.

In their recent collaboration with filmmaker/visual artist Eleni Ampelakiotou, the musical energy resonates with visual experimental storytelling deconstructing narrative structures and clichés to a distinctive synaesthetic audiovisual experience.

Duration: 7’48”

Eleni Ampelakiotou (GR/DE)

Eleni Ampelakiotou is a filmmaker, visual artist and musician based in Berlin.  She has completed her Master degree in Film Directing at the Deutsche Film- und Fernsehakademie Berlin (dffb) and has earlier studied German literature and philosophy at the Freie Universität Berlin (FU Berlin). She looks back to a career on writing and directing feature films and documentaries becoming deeply involved with experimental filmmaking and visual art. In her recent audiovisual collaboration -DOS PLUS, with the post free noise improvisation Electric -Guitar Duo – William Bravo Duo, the musical energy of avantgarde progressive noise free jazz resonates with her visual deconstructing narration to a distinctive synaesthetic audiovisual experience.

Films and Videos: The Breath of Stones,    Teenage Response, Ich bin hier  (I am here), Transition, Where Do You Come From?, Lights on/off, Birth of a Sphinx, An Afternoon with Vincent, Is it Tomorrow or just the End    of Time?