RE VIEWERS | #PostFuture

#Video Art
THU-SUN / 13:50-15:00
2nd Floor

Being today, means “being-digitized”. Will we only begin to exist when we have been replaced by a simulacrum of ourselves?

The experimental video interweaves real footage and virtual reality elements. Documentary footage of people sitting at a river in Seoul mingle with the images and edited comments of two YouTube reviewers of a VR relaxation game that simulates a flight over an animated virtual River. In this work I’m interested in the relationship between imagination and immersion and the proximity of the salvation formulas of a VR industry to Far Eastern philosophy of emptiness.


Duration: 5’00”

Isabella Gresser (DE)

Isabella Gresser studied fine art with Marina Abramovic and is living as an artist in Berlin. She works across media and forms, including drawing, photography, video art, film and installation. Her multilayered videos and installations combine video, found-footage, drawings and photographs with text passages from literature, philosophy or poetry. Her experimental work is characterized by an emphasis on research and critical theory and the linking of culture-theoretical and philosophical aspects of the West and the Far East.

Her videos have screened at many international art and film festivals e.g. CCCB Barcelona, NeMaf Seoul, EMAF European Media Art Festival, 65. Berlinale, Interference Festival, Korean Film Archive, Wexner Art Center USA, Signes de Nuit Festival, Filmmuseum München, Video Art Festival Miden, Vafa Macau China, Oslo Screen Festival, Miden Video Art Festival, Facade Video Art Festival, Cairo Video Art Festival, Vafa Macau, Klex Kuala Lumpur, Les instant Video Marseille.. among others..