DAWN TO DUST | #PostUtopia

#Video Art
THU-SUN / 12:00-13:50
2nd Floor

Dawn to Dust examines the position of man in relation to his environment and contemplates the impact this cyclical plundering of resources have on the personal as well as the collective human existence.

Set in an ethos of geo-political displacement, mass exodus, mindless invasions and lost resistance, this piece is intended as an elegy to the present. Lamenting this cataclysmic involvement in mankind’s indiscriminate obliteration, this piece calls upon the viewer into a moment of collective mourning– an act of rebellion cloaked in communal suffering.

Dawn to Dust is a mixed media video work that combines motion footage, found material and hand drawn images to weave a narrative.

Duration: 5’03”

Shubhangi Singh (IN)

Shubhangi Singh’s practice as a visual artist and filmmaker investigates the entropic culture we currently exist in and observes the socio-political impact of the individual as a formidable influencing force.

Living between Mumbai and Sydney, Shubhangi often draws upon her personal experiences to question displacement and identity and, in the process, extend the discourse into public spheres. Singh attempts to consistently consolidate her formal training in films with her current practice to continually create and collaborate.