THE WAVE BEHIND US | #PostHumanities

#Video Art
THU-SUN / 10:00-12:00
2nd Floor

Humans, with their actions and choices can disrupt space and time. Humans, tiny and insignificant for the universe yet huge and powerful for their own social universe. What happens when man ceases to exist? Does this mean that the effect of his actions ceases as well or are is it converted in to a wave that disrupts and shapes the future?

Duration: 03’05”

Orestis Charos (GR)

Undergraduate Degree from the Ecole Nationale Superieure des Beaux Arts, Paris in «Sculpture and New Technologies» specializing in Video Art and Multimedia. Completion of the Graduate Program «Lighting Design- Multimedia Master of Arts» of the Hellenic Open University. Currently teaching the graduate course «Design of lighting in the structured area» in the Masters  Degree program «Applied Policies and Techniques for the Protection of the Environment» of the Piraeus University of Applied Sciences,  Department of Civil Engineering. Has taught the graduate course «The Teaching of Art through the use of New Technologies» in the Masters degree program of the Marasley Pedagogical Academy of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens. Has extensive experience of teaching Art and Art Therapy as a means of treating juveniles and adults with substance abuse problems at the therapeutic communities «Exantas» and «Diavasi» of the «Center for the Treatment of Dependent Individuals» (KETHEA). Employed since 2005 as a teacher of Art, Multimedia and Art Theory in the I.M. Panagiotopoulos Private School. He has participated in many Art and Video Art Projects and installations in various contests and festivals organized in Greece and abroad and has been distinguished repeatedly as well as awarded numerous awards.