THEORY OF NO THING | #PostAbstract

#Video Art
THU-SUN / 13:50-15:00
2nd Floor

This film visually explores the most basic concept in Quantum Physics; dual behavior of particles in the sub-atomic world. Neil Bohrs was one of the foremost scientists in the field of quantum physics who mentioned to go to Vedas and Upanishads (spiritual texts from India dated thousand years old) to get the answers as he delved deeper into the concepts of quantum mechanics.

This film is a play of observation and witness. It’s a play of contemplation and reflection. Every perception is a limitation. It plays with the idea of looking at our perceptions and then going beyond them. If we drop all that we think we know then what remains? So in this film we follow journey of ‘a’ particle from this manifested world to the unmanifest world, led by the wisdom of ancient sages.


Duration: 4’36”

Rajbir Kaur (IN)

Rajbir is a graduate in Electronics and Telecom engineering and then moved on to do her masters in filmmaking. After a stint in working for advertising films in Mumbai, she founded Wandering Feet, and started working as a solo filmmaker. Through her films, she explores the relationship between humans and nature. Her work also highlights social issues that need to be addressed. Primarily, her work is attuned to bring out the positives of nature and life. Her films have been screened at international film festivals in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Spain, Russia and Poland.