AFTER IMAGES | #PostAbstract

#Video Art
THU-SUN / 13:50-15:00
2nd Floor

“After Images” is an audio/video work generated by a given pattern using various node data. An afterimage is a non-specific term that refers to an image continuing to appear in one’s vision after the exposure to the original image has ceased. For example, after staring at a computer screen and looking away, a vague afterimage of the screen remains in the visual field.

The artwork has been realized with a patch in Max/Msp that allows to use jitters visual effects for high quality 2D images.

Duration: 6’30”

Roberto Zanata (IT)

Roberto Zanata completed his studies in music composition and electroacoustic music at the Conservatorio in Cagliari and his studies in philosophy at the University of Cagliari (Italy).

He teaches electronic music, acoustic music, live electronics and multimedia in the classes of degree music and new technology at the conservatory of Foggia in Italy.

Since the middle of nineties he has worked on chamber music composition with electronics, music for theatre, acoustic music as well as multimedia works.

In international competitions, his works have been awarded Grands Prix Internationaux de Musique Electroacoustique (Bourges), Interference Festival (Poland), Sonom Festival (Mexico) and others.

His publications focus on the studies of electroacoustic music, soundscapes, multimedia, contemporary music in a cross-arts context, access and the contemporary time-based arts, and devising practices in the performing arts.

His music is published by Audiomat, Taukay and Vacuamoenia.