Z/Zει! | #PostUtopia

#Video Art
THU-SUN / 12:00-13:50
2nd Floor

The Z is a letter that has a very special meaning in Greece. Z referring to the Greek protest slogan “Ζει”, which in ancient Greek means “He lives / He is alive”.  It became a very popular graffiti that began to appear everywhere in the Greek cities during the 1960’s, illustrating the growing protests against the Regime of the Colonels (1967-1974), following repeated political murders, the most renowned being the assassination of the peace-activist and left-deputy Gregory Lambrakis, in 1963. The military junta ended up banning it, but then it was taken up and renewed in the famous political novel “Z”(1967) of Vassillis Vassilikos and, later, in the award-winning film “Z” directed by Costa-Gavras. The Z is, therefore, in Greece, a symbol of dissension and resistance, a very sharp simulacrum of denounce, that Laura Pinta Cazzaniga decided to take it up, after many years, restoring its purpose in the current Greek’s financial and social crisis.  To do so, she attached hundreds of Z’s for all over Athens, going to the seat of Parliament, in Syntagma Square, to the NTUA Polytechnic, a historical place of students’ revolts, and to the anarchist neighborhood of Exarchia.

Z / Ζει! [Athens, 2015] Urban action In collaboration with: Arthesis and P.I.G.S.


Duration: 5’00”

Laura Pinta Cazzaniga (IT)

Site specific artist. She graduates in Painting, in the Accademia di Belle Arti of Milan-Italy, with Luciano Fabro. Thereafter, she attended Vito Acconci’s studio, in New York. She carry out an investigation that is developed in the field of installation, realizing site specific interventions, urban actions and no-temporal interventions. Her projectual method evolves from a direct relation with the places and their poetic and political features. She has also developed and curated several projects related to activism, historical memory and human rights, often in collaboration with collective Escuela Moderna and Koinè group. She has exhibited in several Biennials and national and international art exhibitions. However, her research is often conducted independently and outside art’s institutions. She currently lives in Barcelona, Spain.