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“The history of all hitherto existing society is the history of class struggles” Karl Marx. All this is true, but is it not also the history of Migration. And in fact the History of the Refugee. No matter if you believe in evolution, or some form of creationism. Or if you believe that aliens brought us here, or just messed with the monkeys (like my father once hypothesized to me as a child). Almost all of us are the byproduct of a migration in one form, or another. How many of us live in the same place as we were born, and/or where all our ancestors were born since the dawning of man. Very few I imagine. Growing up in a country created by immigrants, and refugees. How peculiar it is that this anti immigrant, and refugee rhetoric is now our political leaders mantra. This vicious circle of the once oppressed, turning into the oppressor of the now.

Every layer of this video is related in some way to Refugees, Immigration, Migration, and the clash of cultures that ensues. Thrown together like those first early immigrants on Ellis island.


Duration: 10’00”

Gabin Cortez Chance (US)

Born in Fresno, California in 1976. Graduate of The School of the Museum of Fine Art, Boston. Currently living in Boston. Primarily working in Video over the past 10 years. My Videos are multi-layered constructs, digital artificial panoramas. Using a mixture of Hollywood classics, found footage, and video shot by myself to create what I call Super Narratives of the Hyper-Real. My videos generally have a Philosophical, and Sociological twist influenced by the current world political landscape. I am not objective, I most certainly have an agenda. Like many before me, I have Utopian dreams. Dreams that most people believe to be impossible, and unrealistic. And maybe these people are correct, but they are my dreams never the less. My videos are a poor attempt to visualize these dreams for others to appreciate, and possibly learn from. And all though I still have a long ways to go actualize these dreams, with each video, I feel I get a little bit closer to my goals of Simulacrum.