#Video Art
THU-SUN / 13:50-15:00
2nd Floor

UsThemThemUs is a video comprised of statements extracted from sci-fi cinema in which characters attempt to articulate a boundary between humans and non-humans. These declarations of difference desperately seek to establish delineations between human and machine and animal, yet often resort to nebulous-to-define traits such as emotion, belief, or the soul. Rather than establish clear definitions of what the human is or is not, instead these attempts reveal a slippery space of boundary determinations, as well as anxieties and pejorative associations entangled with notions of difference and otherness, particularly when ‘the other’ begins to become the same…


Duration: 3’37”

Nicole Rayburn (CA)

My artistic practice is a blundering convergence of text, video, and still imagery. Often via appropriation and obsessive repetition, my work addresses ideas around ‘the other’, human/non-human relations, and concepts of boundary and transgression through the lens of history, religion, and popular culture. My work rarely offers resolutions, but rather stages propositions, presents multifarious perspectives, and isolates small gestures to foster curiosity and contemplation.