THU-SUN / 19:20-22:40
2nd Floor

Orans transition is a cgi animated short student film regarding mental and physical transition. Pursued by a hunter, the main character is forced to cross a narrow ravine splitting two valleys. By speeding up, he attempts to cross the ravine and survive. At that moment he is mortally wounded by an arrow, his spirit experiences death through its own terms. Enki is taken a breath for last time as traveled back in time bearing in mind the temple with the relics of his ancestors. The consciousness returns to body at the last minute.

This project is a graduation film from Audio and Visual art department, Ionian University in Corfu.

Duration: 2’27”


Paschalis Mourikas (GR)

Paschalis Mourikas is a new 3D artist in the industry of computer graphics, always working with passion and enthusiasm. This animation is his graduation short film from the Audio and Visual Art Department, Ionian University, Corfu. Through his thesis, he has had the chance to develop his technical expertise and creative skills in several factors, experimenting with motion capture and 3D visualisation.