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Plain Sight was motivated by curiosity and a desire to create a new relationship with the photographic image. I became interested in the way photogrammetry software works, which is typically used to create three-dimensional models of physical spaces by comparing and measuring the details across a set of similar images, handling photographic information. While relying on the camera’s fundamental ability to accurately record surface detail, it simultaneously cannibalizes that information into abstract data. Through this process, the indexical language of photography is erased and the subject becomes plagued by an emptiness that results from lacking one of the medium’s essential characteristics.

The project pictures people holding photographs from their own collections that are of personal significance. However, the memories, stories, and events contained therein are stripped from the surface, specified only in the titling of each image as an inventory of its contents. As photography moves further away from a medium that records reality, I am curious how our physical and psychological relationship to the medium shifts. These images serve as a discussion point where the well-established traditions of photography can be re-imagined.

Hans Gindlesberger (US)

Hans Gindlesberger is based in upstate New York and is Assistant Professor of Photography at Binghamton University. His studio practice is anchored to an ongoing interest in places, both real and imaginary, and in playful subversions of the photographic process.

His projects, spanning photography, video, installation, and new media, have been exhibited at Galleri Image (Aarhus, Denmark), Gallery 44 (Toronto), the Mt. Rokko International Photography Festival (Kobe, Japan), the Voies Off Festival (Arles, France), the Flash Forward traveling exhibition, and FILE Media Art (São Paulo, Brazil). He has lectured nationally and internationally at venues including the International Festival of Photography in Belo Horizonte, Brazil, Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts in London, and numerous universities throughout the United States. Recently, his work has been published in BLOW Photography Magazine, Diffusion, LensCulture, AintBad, and the Flash Forward Tenth anthology, published by the Magenta Foundation.