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NAWLZ  is a cyberpunk adventure of 14 episodes that combines animation, interaction, music and text in order to create an original digital panoramic format for comics. Its story follows the character Harley Chambers and the way he survives in the futuristic city Nawlz, as he is getting involved with multiple virtual realities and techno-cultures. Nawlz is full of hidden dimensions that in order to unveil them, they require hits, tilts and swipes for their exploration.

In 2009, the first season of the work was awarded the FWA award and was glorified by thousands of viewers from all over the world. The long awaited Nawlz for iPad was released in 2011.


Sutu aka Stuart Campbell is one artist with a lot of international distinctions as an illustrator, writer and interactive designer. He is passionate about technology, sci-fi, stories and the creation of immersive interactive experiences. His main target is to activate all human sensors and shake some heads. Besides Nawlz, Sutu has created many projects with Big hArt, multimedia installations for the Australian National Museum, and pilot training systems for Australian Defence Force. Moreover, he has directed online creative programs for Honda and Coca Cola. Often, he has been assigned to create illustrations for popular youth cultures, such as skateboard and snowboard.