MALGRIN DEBOTTE | #PostNarrative

THU-SUN / 19:20-22:40
2nd Floor

Under neon lights of an electric city a marginal young man is about to make an unusual encounter with a captivating musician woman. It’s through the beats and vibrations of the body and the heart that those two characters will discover the strange law of attraction…

Duration: 6’08”

Claire Brodelle | Cindy Kinadjian | Morgane Marinos | Clarisse Valeix (FR)

Morgane Marinos, Claire Brodelle, Cindy Kinadjian and Clarisse Valeix have graduated from the Supinfocom Rubika school (Valenciennes, France) with a Master in digital director. In 2016, they co-directed the short film “Malgrin Debotté”.