IN EXILE | #PostNarrative

THU-SUN / 19:20-22:40
2nd Floor

In Exile is the story of a boy who lives with his grandmother in an Eastern European village. His parents are both working abroad, so the boy is left to his own devices. He fills his time by playing in an abandoned shed on the river bank. Inside the shed he toils away at a mysterious project – a powerful ‘flying machine’ that would take him to his parents. This project keeps him going, until one day he makes an unexpected friend who needs his care and protection. So the boy has to choose between his all consuming dream of re-uniting with his parents or taking care of another living soul.

3D Animation, no dialogue.

Duration: 11’00”

Alexander Kurilov (RU)

Born in 1985, in the Soviet Union, Alexander’s first encounter with film was through an improvised cable service set up by the neighbors. Growing up in a country with no cinemas and no film industry, every film he experienced had a huge impact. Over time, a heightened interest towards storytelling had developed and Alexander started practicing his screenwriting skills by reading the scripts to the famous films of the time. Through learning programming he became interested by the technical side of the visual experience. This would be the inception of his interest towards computer animation. After spending an exchange year at the St. Mark’s School of Texas, where he finally had a chance to make his first films and have a hands-on experience of the production process, Alexander founded his own production company. The company makes advertising films for clients from all over the world. The highlight of the company’s experience is a Grand Prize Trophy at a MOFILM festival, awarded to Alexander personally by non other than Terry Gilliam himself. In the mean time Alexander is developing several film projects. ‘In Exile’ is the very first one to get made and hopefully it will be a firm first step into the world of international film production.