I AM NOT A NUMBER | #PostTranscendent

THU-SUN / 22:40-23:50
2nd Floor

“I Am Not A Number” is a 2D animation that focuses on the  social structures and norms of the modern society.  It consists of  an abstract  approach on  the way of living while using symbolisms to portray the conformity  of human behavior.  The viewer dives in  a surreal world  of the human mind full with images of the subconscious .

Duration: 4’37”

Natalia Kokkinou (GR)

My name is Natalia Kokkinou  and I am a visual Artist from Greece. I graduated the department of “Audio Visual Arts” of the Ionian University (Corfu). I’m specialized on visual arts such as directing, photography, video editing and animation. Most of my work focuses on abstract, surreal  elements and minimal aesthetics. Projects of mine have been  shown in multiple Festivals in Greece and in London (UK).