FEEL FREE TO FEEL GREEN- #PostFuture Journey

#Open Air Screenings
#Outdoor Events

Athens International Airport “Eleftherios Venizelos” continues its collaboration with Athens Digital Arts Festival (ADAF) and introduces the multimedia exhibition under the title #PostFuture Journey. From 8 of March to 23 of July 2017, visitors are prompted to experience a “post-digital” reality, where the digital merges with the analog and the physical.

The exhibition #PostFuture Journey presents 41 artworks, including installations, video art and animation screenings, 25 of which will be screened for the first time in Greece, the impressive audiovisual installation “Light Catcher” of Giannis Kranidiotis, a dialogue between sound and light and the interactive installation “Emotional Mirror” from the company random quark (Theodoros Papatheodorou Phd, Tom Chambers) which enables the audience to interact with it, by analysing facial expression and reflecting them back as tweets.

The airport constitutes the ideal starting point to takeoff towards an interactive journey into the “post-future”. The exhibition will be held in the exhibition hall Arts & Culture located at the Arrivals Level of the airport and it will be open to the audience 24h.
The tribute ‘Feel Free to Feel Green’ is implemented through the Operational Program “Human Resources Development, Education and Lifelong Learning” and is co-financed by the European Union (European Social Fund) and Greek national funds.



Feel Free to Feel Green

Franziska Lauber (CH) A little Gesture 05:09 | Premiere

Alessio De Marchi (IT) What weee are – Weee droponics 04:43 | Premiere

Carolin Koss (FI) Plastic Child 12:11 | Premiere

María Castellanos Vicente (ES) Environment Dress 2.0 02:25 | Premiere

Hyeongsuk Kim (KR) Hydroculture 04:03 | Premiere

Noelle Fitzsimmons (US) Bill, I love you so, I always will 00:45 | Premiere

Javier Cañal Sanchez (ES) My little rubbish world 03:49 | Premiere

Christin Bolewski (DE) Shizen? Natural 07:16 | Premiere

Johanna Reich (DE) A Drone Painting | Black Square on White Ground 03:00 | Premiere

Ismail Egler (TR) The forest 05:04 | Premiere

Lorenzo Oggiano (IT) Quasi – Objects / Cinematic Environment #2 03:41 | Premiere

Brit Bunkley (NZ/US) Pillar of Cloud 03:26 | Premiere

Adam Hogan (US) The silent forest 14:01 | Premiere

Hao Pei Chu (SG) Island 02:00 | Premiere

Alexei Dmitriev (RU) The Sadness Will Not Last Forever 08:18 | Premiere

Jorge Luis Hernández Rosas (MX) Arriba 03:00 | Premiere

Clemente Bicocchi (IT) Notturno 10:12 | Premiere

Anne – Marie Bouchard (CA) Echoes – Signal Transpositions 11:31 | Premiere

Adéla Kudlová (CZ) Biotop 03:30

Marco Mendeni (IT) r lightTweakSunlight 05:11

Hiroya Sakurai (JP) The Stream 4 06:00

Kara J. Schmidt (US) Inner Landscape 02:35

Rick Fischer (CA) Arcadia 04:49

Jeroen ter Welle (NL) Nature morte 03:53 | Premiere

Jorge Luis Hernández Rosas (MX) Mundo 01:03 | Premiere

Andrea Zucchini (GB) Sunmakers 05:04 | Premiere

claRa apaRicio – Yoldi (ES) Don Quijote 03:10 | Premiere

Gerhard Funk (DE) | Fruit 06:55 | Premiere

Katerina Blahutova & Adela Sobotkova (CZ) РИЗОМА 02:58 | Premiere

Yuliya Lanina (US/RU) Theme and Variations 10:29 | Premiere

Video Art Curator: Eirini Olympiou

Animation Curator: Nikki Georgiou

Curatorial Assistants: Marianthi Mavroudi – Eleana Damaskinou