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Thu.18 / 10:00-00:00
Fri.19 / 10:00-00:00
Sintagma Square

An anthropomorphic sculpture comprised of one kilometer of PVC tubing, weaved throughout the body in a network of inner body geometries, inspired by the vast and complex systems of the human organism: circulatory, nervous, endocrine system.

There is a second construction, a mechanism that holds the UV sensitive fuids and circulates them through the body with water pumps and air compressors.

The fluid motion expands from the body to the surrounding architecture. The environment fills with the industrial sounds needed for Kalliplokamos’ functions. The installation space becomes an esoteric environment in which the spectators are called to participate, to manifest the idea of total transparency. Kalliplokamos is a sculptural personality, loud and fragile. He stands as a human among others in the installation space. He is open inside out, yet encourages physical contact.

The piece tries to define a network of inner body geometries that are visualised as fluid flows through the various patterns of the tube weaving. The sculpture, acting as a canvas, aims to interpret the routes of chemical hormonal infusions (neurotransmitters and hormones) generated by the body as emotions are experienced.

Interactive sculpture made of steel, wire, clear PVC tubing and fluid circulation machinery. (3 x 3 x 1,5m)

Eirini Kokkinidou (GR)

Eirini Kokkinidou provided the initial inspiration for the project, searching for a way to depict the effects of emotions on the body and how this transverses meanings in the material nature of humans. She is constantly transforming all the ideas coming from research, different fields of art, technical possibilities (or limitations) into a living body of work.


Eirini Kokkinidou (1990), is a Greek visual artist. She studied Audio Visual Arts at Ionian University and moved to Berlin to conduct her internship at Art Laboratory Berlin, specializing in curation. She experiments with various media and techniques in her work but mostly works in the context of spatial Installations.

Vasilis Boukis (GR)

Vasilis Boukis works with the digital aspects of the project and the musical composition. He is tuning Kalliplokamos’ life cycles into structured emotional environments, and programming Kalliplokamos’ character inside the input/output functionalities.

Vasilis Boukis is a creative technologist originally from Corfu, Greece. He is creating interactive installations, music, electronics, kinetic installations, immersive projections usually in large scale scenarios. He is currently living in Berlin working on personal projects, touring with an upcoming jazz musician, founding a startup in the art-sports intersection, and pursuing a master’s degree in arts. His work has been featured in many exhibitions, festivals and museums throughout Europe.

Chalarampos Kokkinidis (GR)

Chalarampos Kokkinidis is the engineer of the project. With a background in aircraft engineering and genuine love for problem solving, he provides the ground that allows Kalliplokamos to execute his physical functions.

Chalarampos Kokkinidis (1956) is an engineer from Greece. After studies in Aircraft engineering, he founded Kokkinidis AudioVisual, focusing on audio installations, custom constructions and general electronics. Large scale prof. installations, custom lightning fixtures, movable stage applications and P.A. systems have been installed by Kokkinidis in many commercial venues in North Greece.