EARTH SHOW | #PostTranscendent

THU-SUN / 22:40-23:50
2nd Floor

The video “Earth Show” shows a satellite that orbits at low earth orbit when it gets too close to an asteroid debri field. Before it can transmit an emergency signal back to earth, and correct its course, the worse happens. The video was inspired by Stefvyr’s deep interest for the space and our universe.

The animation was made with 3ds Max and rendered with Vray.

Duration: 1’35”

Stefanos Vyrinis (GR)

Stefvyr (Stefanos Vyrinis) is currently studying 3D animation at IEK Intergraphics in Athens. Since the very young age of 3 years old he was interested in storytelling concept art and comics, where he gained a very unique style of characters. He attented drawing and comics classes for several years in the “Ergastiri Technis” of Chalkida, where the art director was the renowned artist Dimitris Mytaras. On the “9th International Environmental Children’s Drawing Contest” competition in Japan, one of his drawings won the first prize. However entering in his teenage life period, his interest turned to 3D Art. With drawing experience of the past years, gifted with strong and productive imagination, keen eye for details, Stefvyr is using his talent mainly in expressing himself through an abstract, multicolored universe of his own. Presently as a student, he is experimenting with 3D and photo/video editing toolset as: 3DS Max, Zbrush, Substance Painter, Maya, Photoshop, After Effects, Vray. His art is pushing the limits of forms and dimensions in order to always tell  a story or create a visual experience.