DROP CITY | #PostNarrative

THU-SUN / 19:20-22:40
2nd Floor

Drop City (2016) by Hsiang Yeh is a four-minute animation, which depicts a pangolin, who tries to escape the rigid dictates of society by taking a unique path. However, her attempts are thwarted when the weight of her responsibilities force her to abandon the free-spirited path in favor of a prescribed route. Rendered in a richly layered and textured visual style, the story reminds viewers of the choices life demands.

Duration: 4’24”

Hsiang Yeh (TW)

Hsiang Yeh is a Taiwanese artist and designer, who received her MFA degree in Computer Art with a concentration in motion graphics in 2016 from the School of Visual Arts in New York. From 2012 – 2013, Hsiang worked as an animator and VFX artist for the Taiwanese music video company JP Huang Studio. Her distinctive metaphorical designs and animations convey strong emotions.