BIOINSPIRE | #PostNarrative

THU-SUN / 19:20-22:40
2nd Floor

BioInspire is an A/V dome performance which has screened in the Institute of American Indian Arts (New Mexico, USA) and Fiske Planetarium – University of Colorado Boulder (Colorado, USA). Artificial neural networks(ANNs), a largely used method in machine learning and cognitive science, are inspired by the biological neural networks, namely the neural system of the animals. The ANNs are composed of several nodes, layers and connections which stimulate, to some extent, the message exchange and processing through a biological neural network. In fact, ANNs try to find approximate functions that evaluate all the inputs in order to give a meaningful output concerning the data. Each function is specific to the learned data according to which the form of the ANN is shaped. So, ANNs adapt themselves to learn from the data, to ‘mime’ it; it then turns into a generic processing model that evaluates, classifies, and categorizes the inputs, much like our brain, neurons and synapses. As the quantity of layers, nodes and connections in an artificial neural network increase, the structure gets more complex. Getting the inspiration from the structure of an ANN, our aim is to redefine the complexity of a neural network using abstract objects and sound referring to its natural form.

Duration: 5’00”

Yusuf Emre Kucur (TR)

VOID is an Istanbul-based independent creative group which mainly focuses on animation and digital arts and provides support to its customers in different media platforms. We’ve been involved in several national & international digital art activities, and made distinguished demonstrations in different cities of Europe, Russia, America and Turkey. Our audiovisual works were showcased in several international festivals, received many awards and got published in significant artistic websites and magazines.

My A/V performances were exhibited in substantial platforms around the globe such as CERN Particle Physics Laboratory, MOMA NY, Burning Man Festival (USA), IX Immersion Experience Symposium (CAN), Signal Light Festival (CZ).