#Video Art
THU-SUN / 12:00-13:50
2nd Floor

You’ve been taught to be afraid of the devil, right? …
but what if I told you: the devil is YOU?
Then what?

We have been told to be scared of the Pentagram and the horned, bearded, Chimera representing Evil – Satan, Beelzebub: the Demon.

However, the Pentagram was originally a different symbol altogether: one of fertility, vitality, nourishment and life.

We’ve been herded by “THEM” to the position we now occupy –
– crisis: of austerity, of identity, of agency, as the near-future fills-up with conflict.

In the post-future, beyond the ever-degrading now, it’s down to “US” to become what we’ve been conditioned to fear:
that which gives us the tools to manifest the futures-present we desire.

This is not some invocation to manifest the devil: it is not formed of the rhetoric of the present.
This is an invitation to unleash the fertile, enriched, powerful, self-actualised “US” we’ve been hiding all along.

There’s a change on the horizon – and it starts with “YOU” (because that is what “THEY” are afraid of), so pick up your horns and step through the frame – it won’t always be easy, but we’ll do it together.


Duration: 6’00”

Daz Disley (UK) & Fenia Kotsopoulou (GR)

Daz, Artist, Mostly Digital: Sound, Video, Programming, Photography.

Fenia, Cross-disciplinary Artist: Performance, Dance, Video, Photography.

Working together since 2013, our collaborative visual projects seek a pan-dimensional common language between our overlapping disciplines. We’re lucky enough to have had our work shown regularly at festivals and screenings all over the world, and we love to keep things fresh by working with as many interesting people as we can find time for … Like Speira and KK – Athens-based musicians with their fingers on the pulse and a gritty realism to their work. To some, our third appearance at ADAF is a music video – to others it is video art – to us, it’s where we feel most at home : collaborating and extending our creative partnerships into the wider community : either at a local-level or an international-level.