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Know Thyself. It means find your inner self. Can you? It’s right there. Right behind that picture. It’s the mirror. Your mirror. What can you see? What will you see? What do you see? My answer is, me – myself. But yours? What about you? These pictures show the hidden realism of my soul. The only one to understand my reality is me. But, is it real? How can I be sure that my self tells me the truth? Will I ever know? You need to try to find the answer. Your answer. Your answer within your soul. Dare to try or go mad. It’s about you, yourself and the madness inside you.

We dare you.-

Hope DiKappa a.k.a. Elpida Kontogianni (GR)

Born and raised in Athens in 1991, she is senior in the Photography and Audiovisual Arts department of the TEI of Athens. She studied in the Venice School of Fine Arts through the Erasmus program (a.y. 2012 – 2013) and since then, she takes interest in the new technologies of the Arts, including video art installations, glitch art and conceptual photography. She is practicing professional photography and cinematography since 2010 and for the last 4 years she is part of “The MÉTA Project” creative team. She has taken part in solo and group photography exhibitions in Athens and Venice. Her short film “Kontogiannis Family” has been screened in Los Angeles Greek Film Festival (2016) and in Athens International Culinary Film Festival (2014). Her work also includes documentaries, music video clips and commercials.