#ADAF kids
#Workshops (Kids)
Thu.18 / 10:00-11:30
Fri.19 / 10:00-11:30
4th Floor

Introduction to 3D Printing, learning the basics of the procedure and the steps to take from idea to execution. Designing in 3D with the use of computers and the web-based 3D Design Software. Every class will create model prototypes for printing, keeping their 3D creation as a workshop souvenir.



David Saltiel (Athens Makerspace) (GR)

Graduate in 3D Design (IMO) from Bath Spa university (BA). His internship involved subjects that dealt with lancdscape architecture in the Stavros Niarchos foundation (cultural center). Recently he has been working on the craft of lasercutter, with people who are active in the world of design and graphic arts. He is the co-founder of Athensmakerspace.


Ilias Saltiel (Athens Makerspace) (GR)

Ilias Saltiel grew up in Athens and studied mechanical engineering in the University of Edinburgh. He worked for a year in Bulgaria as supervisor for 6 photovoltaic parks with the main contractor of AKTOR. 2 years later, the idea of Athens Makerspace came into existence, which connected with hackerspace in London. After extensive research about MakerMovement, he visited several hackerspaces and makerspaces in the US, and envisioned the democratization of the production, the construction and technology in Athens. The winter of 2015 he participated in the competition for “Entrepreneurship in Action”, in the Kapodistrian University, where he won 2nd place. With experience in education of minors, he founded AthensMakerspace with an educational attitude and social purpose.