EU SOUP | #PostHumanities

#Video Art
THU-SUN / 10:00-12:00
2nd Floor

As humanity is a deep well, a maelstrom, human beings, some infinitely portable, some fixed points, what to when some many of us move together (or not so together)? To transport large quantities of human beings, underground, over ground or flying tubes are used, routes are traced, lines drawn. At a certain speed, points are turned into lines. At a certain temperature, soup.


Duration: 6’10”

Caroline Neumann (BR)

Caroline Neumann is a videomaker and researcher in visual culture. She holds a B.M. in Media Studies and and is currently doing a post-graduation in Art and Media with a DAAD grant.

Ivan Chiarelli (BR)

Ivan Chiarelli is a composer and performer, holds a B.M. in music composition and a M.A. degree in music analysis. He is a co-founder of the sonic art collective invisibili(cidades) and acts as Executive Director of the NME (Nova Música Eletroacústica).

Victor Negri (BR)

Victor Negri (Brazil) holds a B.M. in Media Studies and works with experimental songs, collage and soundscape.