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ADAF 2017 at Splice Festival

Flying beyond digital, reaching the #PostFuture

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In the framework of its parallel actions and international collaborations, ADAF2017 presented, at Splice Festival of London, a screening compilation, the #PostFuture Journey.

The digital culture, as an integral part of our everydayness, is constantly changing in an effort to satisfy the humans “perpetual eagerness” to exceed every technological limit. This continuously shifting form of digital culture shapes a future “beyond digital”, a futuristic convergence of the ‘real’ and ‘digital’ boundaries.

Our planet, while being a place connecting the ever-changing reality of people and redefining with its own subjective way notions like time and space, is our starting point for this year’s journey to the post-future.

Through this path, citizens of the world encounter this new exciting but still rather elusive “post-digital” reality, where the digital merges with the analogue and the physical.

#PostFuture Journey selection list:

1. Patxi Araujo (ES) Tera Nullius 09:58
2. Chris Cheung (HK) RadianceScape 02:00
3. Rebecca Najdowski (US) Give them Distance 03:04
4. Dénes Ruzsa & Fruzsina Spitzer (HU) S.C.A.N. – Searching Alternative Nature 07:00
5. Alexander Pettai (RU) Apophonie 05:36
6. Marta Di Francesco (IT) The Waves 02:45
7. Max Hattler (DE) Shapeshifter 00:30
8. Alex Karantanas (GR) Singularity 07:13
9. Duncan Poulton (GB) Pygmalion 07:00
10. Fred L’Epee (SW) Athanasia 05:33
11. Marcantonio Lunardi (IT) The Cage 05:46
12. Pamela Stefanopoulou (GR) The Voices of Silence 01:52
13. Thomas Valianatos (GR) Fractusmachine_Kosmos 03:34
14. Maria Tsiroukidou (GR) Minecrafted Waste Land 05:33

Curator: Nikki Georgiou
Video Art Curator: Eirini Olympiou
Curatorial Assistants: Marianthi Mavroudi – Eleana Damaskinou

ADAF director, Ilias Chatzichristodoulou, presented the compilation at Splice Festival, on 27 of May 2017.