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ADAF 2017 at Mashup Film Festival


In the framework of its parallel actions and international partnerships, ADAF2017 collaborated with Mashup Film Festival and presented a rather interesting project/screening, on Saturday 3 of May, in Paris.

ADAF’s video art curator Eirini Olimpiou, selected “Found Fotage” films from ADAF’s 13 previous editions and together with Mashup Film Festival’s director, Julien Lahmi, they secretly mixed it with Mashup films.

Found Footage and Mashup Cinema both dealt with the notion of memory and were part of the family of “recycling” or “second hand” cinema. But they were quite different in form and opposite in a way : found footage used forgotten materials in order to offer them visibility whereas mashup used mainstream elements already very familiar to the public and messesd around with them.

The found footage included :

Panagiotis Tomaras (GR) Memory Tapes (2010) 11:20min colour sound

Stelios Oikonomidis (GR) Signalize (2015) 04:56min colour sound

Rick Niebe (IT) MANNEQUIN (2016) 09:00min colour sound

Albert Bayona (ES) Darrere la benzinera (2016) 03:19 colour sound

Harald Schleicher (DE) The hypnosia project Cinedreams (2013) 11:39min colour sound