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*/ 13th Athens Digital Arts Festival | 18 – 21 of May 2017

Main Venue
23, Mitropoleos str. , Historic Center of Athens
#ADAF2017 #PostFuture

Athens Digital Arts Festival (ADAF) has successfully completed its 13th edition that took place from 18 to 21 of May at a venue of very interesting architectural perspective, at 23 Mitropoleos Street, by courtesy of “NBG PANGAEA REIC” in support of ADAF.

More than 250 artists from 22 countries submitted their view regarding the theme of the Festival, #PostFuture. For four days, #ADAF2017 invited the audience to imagine the future, offering a unique experience. This year’s edition explored the ways that technological advancements influence art and the everyday life, under the constant question, if the future is already here then what has to follow? In this framework, the Festival presented interactive installations, web art, digital image, video art and animation screenings, presentations of international festivals and audiovisual performances. Moreover, the audience had the chance to engage with the international artistic scene at the Artsits Corner and the rooftop of the Festival, as well as to familiarize with digital culture and its representatives through talks.

This year, as we integrated at the programme “PEPP – Regional Operational Programme ATTICA 2014-2020 – European Regional Development Fund – With the support of Greece and the European Union”, we’ve been given the chance to attract more and diverse visitors due to our free entrance, to expand our audience through multiple acts and to develop our activities during the year. Furthermore, we presented international festivals with exclusive content and guests, such as Japan Media Arts Festival (Japan), MashUp Film Festival (France), ArtFutura (Spain), Imagine Science Films Festival (U.S.A), Videonale E.V. (Germany), Mapping Festival (Switzerland), VideoFormes Digital Arts (France). ADAF 2017 collaborated with the Ministry of Culture and Sports presenting for the year of cultural exchanges between Greece and China, the special event #PostFuture Dialogues, offering to the audience the opportunity to enjoy installations and screenings by Greek and Chinese famous and upcoming artists in public and private places, as well as a tribute to Microwave International New Media Arts Festival. In addition, ADAF presented the 24hour artist projection “Digital Canvas” that was broadcasted by IkonoTV and the rich compilation of video-art short films and animation in collaboration with the international digital platform The PhotoPhore.

Another great collaboration that we established was with GERMANOS (Powered by GERMANOS). The Festival expanded its horizons, introducing new technologies in the field of digital arts. ADAF and GERMANOS joined forces and organized multiple important actions, such as the VR Creations Contest, presenting the first VR gallery with artworks of the audience.

In this edition, the festival has also enriched the kids program, ADAF Kids, offering to the kids and their parents the chance to explore the magic world of digital culture, through educational workshops, technological experiments, animation screenings and interactive installations. Kids learned the secrets of 3D Printing, painted digital graffiti and made a moving flower robot by playing with light sensors.

More than 17.000 visitors attended ADAF 2017 and had the opportunity to get closer to digital culture and get familiar with new artistic practices. The audience luxuriated a special tribute to the unique digital persona of Theo Mass Lexileictous, got transferred to infinity through the interactive installation Infinity Room by Refik Anadol the was supported by the Delegation of European Commission and the European Parliament Office in Greece (Europe4All, #EU4U), flew to magical dreams with the interactive VR installation Immersio by Immersio Group, and watched web art with the unbeatable speeds of COSMOTE VDSL. Finally, every night the Theater of the Festival was enabling entrance toto different dimensions with the audiovisual performances by renowed and award winning artists such as Kenta Nagakawaga, NOHlab και Audiofil, Marco Donnarumma, ο Fraction, ο Doron Sadja, οι Stratofyzika και ο Martin Messier, Pandelis Diamandides, François Zajéga and Loïc Reboursière.

We would like to thank you all for participating and supporting this year’s edition and we are looking forward to seeing you back again in Athens Digital Arts Festival 2018 with the promise of an even more complete experience.


Stay tuned because the #PostFuture is still here!


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*/ Participation: 1834 artists’ submissions / 250 artists / 23 countries
*/ Public attendance: more than 17.000 people

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*/ 13th Athens Digital Arts Festival | 18 – 27 May 2017
Main Venue
Mitropoleos 23, Historic Center of Athens
Parallel Actions
Athens International Airport, “Eleftherios Venizelos”
Syndagma Square
Monastiraki Square
Kolokotroni 61

*/ADAF | Event Awards

For a second consecutive year, Athens Digital Arts Festival is awarded in Event Awards for its 12th edition with the GOLD prize, in the category Best in Marketing & Communication  and the SILVER for the category Thematical Events.

Event Awards are organized by Boussias Communications and aim to promote and support the best events of our country. Events that have attracted thousands of participants or gained great reputation and excellent reviews. The awarded events are leaders in their field, standing out in terms of design, creativity, innovation, efficiency and effectiveness.

ADAF 2016 was distinguished in the category EVENT OF THE YEAR and won the GOLD award for the Best in Marketing & Communication and SILVER for the category Thematical Events!

We would like to thank you for the honor and promise that we will always do our best!

The First VR Gallery in Greece

The hypest contest in the city, at the most hight-tech festival of the year! 

Establishing a great collaboration with GERMANOS (Powered by GERMANOS), ADAF2017 expanded its horizons, introducing new technologies in the field of digital arts.

ADAF and GERMANOS joined forces and organized the “VR Creations Contest”, creating the first digital VR gallery with artworks made by the audience itself. During ADAF 2017, the visitors of the festival were able to go through the virtual reality experience and create their own three-dimensional works of art, painting “in the air” in a digital environment, with canvasthe space around them. Digital experts took on VR technology and helped the public explore the “meta-digital” reality. By participating in the “VR Creations Contest”, visitors enter a contest for Amazing technology gifts.

#ADAF2017 #PostFuture


ADAF 2017 at Mashup Film Festival


In the framework of its parallel actions and international partnerships, ADAF2017 collaborated with Mashup Film Festival and presented a rather interesting project/screening, on Saturday 3 of May, in Paris.

ADAF’s video art curator Eirini Olimpiou, selected “Found Fotage” films from ADAF’s 13 previous editions and together with Mashup Film Festival’s director, Julien Lahmi, they secretly mixed it with Mashup films.

Found Footage and Mashup Cinema both dealt with the notion of memory and were part of the family of “recycling” or “second hand” cinema. But they were quite different in form and opposite in a way : found footage used forgotten materials in order to offer them visibility whereas mashup used mainstream elements already very familiar to the public and messesd around with them.

The found footage included :

Panagiotis Tomaras (GR) Memory Tapes (2010) 11:20min colour sound

Stelios Oikonomidis (GR) Signalize (2015) 04:56min colour sound

Rick Niebe (IT) MANNEQUIN (2016) 09:00min colour sound

Albert Bayona (ES) Darrere la benzinera (2016) 03:19 colour sound

Harald Schleicher (DE) The hypnosia project Cinedreams (2013) 11:39min colour sound




ADAF is a proud member of EFFE

ADAF 2017, under the framework of its parallel actions and collaborations, has been selected among all european festivals as a member of EFFE – Europe for Festivals, Festivals for Europe.

EFFE is a result of many years of intense collaboration with the European Commission and European Parliament. The European Festivals Association (EFA), an ever-expanding umbrella group for festivals in Europe and beyond, thought it was time to focus more single-mindedly on Europe’s diversity and creativity.

The first of EFFE’s initiatives is a quality label. This label is given to festivals with an artistic commitment, involvement in their local communities and a European and global outlook. As a result, we are really proud to be part of this creative community and to share knowledge and experiences with the international experts.

ADAF 2017 at Splice Festival

Flying beyond digital, reaching the #PostFuture

View Splice Programme 2017

In the framework of its parallel actions and international collaborations, ADAF2017 presented, at Splice Festival of London, a screening compilation, the #PostFuture Journey.

The digital culture, as an integral part of our everydayness, is constantly changing in an effort to satisfy the humans “perpetual eagerness” to exceed every technological limit. This continuously shifting form of digital culture shapes a future “beyond digital”, a futuristic convergence of the ‘real’ and ‘digital’ boundaries.

Our planet, while being a place connecting the ever-changing reality of people and redefining with its own subjective way notions like time and space, is our starting point for this year’s journey to the post-future.

Through this path, citizens of the world encounter this new exciting but still rather elusive “post-digital” reality, where the digital merges with the analogue and the physical.

#PostFuture Journey selection list:

1. Patxi Araujo (ES) Tera Nullius 09:58
2. Chris Cheung (HK) RadianceScape 02:00
3. Rebecca Najdowski (US) Give them Distance 03:04
4. Dénes Ruzsa & Fruzsina Spitzer (HU) S.C.A.N. – Searching Alternative Nature 07:00
5. Alexander Pettai (RU) Apophonie 05:36
6. Marta Di Francesco (IT) The Waves 02:45
7. Max Hattler (DE) Shapeshifter 00:30
8. Alex Karantanas (GR) Singularity 07:13
9. Duncan Poulton (GB) Pygmalion 07:00
10. Fred L’Epee (SW) Athanasia 05:33
11. Marcantonio Lunardi (IT) The Cage 05:46
12. Pamela Stefanopoulou (GR) The Voices of Silence 01:52
13. Thomas Valianatos (GR) Fractusmachine_Kosmos 03:34
14. Maria Tsiroukidou (GR) Minecrafted Waste Land 05:33

Curator: Nikki Georgiou
Video Art Curator: Eirini Olympiou
Curatorial Assistants: Marianthi Mavroudi – Eleana Damaskinou

ADAF director, Ilias Chatzichristodoulou, presented the compilation at Splice Festival, on 27 of May 2017.


Open air screenings at Monastiraki Square

Under the frame of its parallel actions, ADAF 2017, organizes big scale projections in Monastiraki Sq, using a special screening system by Lumitrix (technology used first time in Greece), promoting new and renowed ADAF artists. There will be special Compilation screenings (#PostFutureDialogues, #PostFutureJourney and #PostFutureUrbanities) comprised by Greek and international artists, inspired by the theme of ADAF 2017, #PostFuture.

The Compilation will be screened until 12/6.

Watch the documentation videos with Lumitrix

Watch the photo material:

#PostFuture Journey | Flying beyond digital

In the framework of its parallel actions, ADAF 2017 presents the exhibition #PostFuture Journey at the International Airpost of Athens, “Eleftherios Venizelos”.


The digital culture, as an integral part of our everydayness, is constantly changing in an effort to satisfy the humans “perpetual eagerness” to exceed every technological limit. This continuously shifting form of digital culture shapes a future “beyond digital”, a futuristic convergence of the ‘real’ and ‘digital’ boundaries.

The Athens International Airport “Eleftherios Venizelos”, while being a place connecting the ever-changing reality of people-travellers and redefining with its own subjective way notions like time and space, is our starting point for this year’s journey to the post-future.

Through this path, travellers of the world encounter this new exciting but still rather elusive “post-digital” reality, where the digital merges with the analog and the physical.


#PostFuture Journey | 08.03.2017 – 23.07.2017 |

#ADAF2017 #PostFuture

/REC: Interactive Installation // #PostFuture Mural

Athens Digital Arts Festival (ADAF) within it’s 13th edition, introduces to the Athenian public, from May until June, the interactive installation REC of Elektro Moon group as also the mural #PostFuture of the visual artist Nikos Tsounakas, who was inspired by ADAF’s 2017 theme #PostFuture.

The mural #PostFuture is a realistic incarnation of the digital-physical contradiction. The horse, representation of the physical word. The lens, representation of the digital world. In #PostFuture these two representations create a whole new entity, a situation that derives its existence from the present state but points out the future state of the world.

REC is an interactive installation set in today’s cultural context where surveillance over the society is no exception, where face tracking and face recognition in order to collect powerful data is an integral part of digital tools we use every day. Apparently, today’s society is ready to embrace many forms of surveillance and data collecting believing that those which do not impose limits on the society can bring about more convenience. But unfortunately, we discover that our e-mails are read, we can be watched and listened by built-in cameras and microphones in our smartphones, TVs and computers and collected data are used to build economic power against personal privacy. Whether we like it or not, we engage in a daily interaction with real or virtual methods of gathering data about our lives. REC installation perfectly illustrates this modern system of dependence.

The viewer doesn’t really need to love art to become the focus of an artistic work. Likewise, the monitoring equipment does not necessarily need to be real to create an atmosphere of control. Sometimes a mere impression of its existence will do.

In the process of interacting with the installation the spectators’ approach usually evolves from just playing and having fun to the afterthought and moment when the question appears: is this data of me collected? And if so, what is it used for afterwards?

The installation is designed for city public spaces to enter it spontaneously, experience it and becoming part of it without time and amount of participants limitations.

You can pass by Kolokotroni 61 and enjoy the installation until 12/6.


Nikos Tsounakas
Nikos Tsounakas is an up and coming artist that currently lives and works in Athens, Greece. Through his work, he tries to communicate the modern contradictions we face as creators and humans in general. These contradictions are physical and digital, natural and man-made, virtual and actual, animalistic and human. His inspiration comes from the observation of the human behavioral patterns in modern day society accompanied with the observation of the behavioral patterns of nature. He is creating works that derive from answering or asking vital questions for our fragile human existence.

Elektro Moon Vision (PL/HU)
Elwira Wojtunik and Popesz Csaba Láng are internationally recognised Polish-Hungarian duet of multimedia artists known as Elektro Moon Vision, working at the intersection of creative computing, design and light-art, creating interactive multimedia installations, stage projections design, 3D video mappings and scenography projections for theatre and opera. In their works, they use a variety of new media tools, often implementing their own codes, patches and mathematic algorithms. Their works were presented at significant international digital media art exhibitions and events around the world, including the Museums Quartier in Vienna, the New Media Art Biennale WRO 2011, 2015 in Wroclaw, Akarenga Soko Gallery in Yokohama, Japan, TADAEX in Tehran, in Iran, PdCon in NYC. In Krakow, where they live, their live visuals could be seen at the Unsound Festival in 2016. Re-Kreacja, an interactive mapping installation, is included in the collection of Contemporary Art Gallery Bunkier Sztuki, Krakow, Poland. The experimental video NZ/X won the 1st prize and was published in the frame of the Chopin Year competition by Warsaw Electronic Festival and the Zachęta National Gallery of Art in Warsaw. They are scholarship holders of the Artist-in-Residence program at MuseumsQuartier in Vienna (2010). Since 2012, they are curators of the International Digital Art Festival Patchlab in Krakow. They are members of AV node network – an international network of artists and professionals organising festivals and/or working in the fields of audiovisual live performances.

Founders of Share: Krakow, unit of a global organization dedicated to supporting collaboration and knowledge exchange in new media communities.





Interactive Installation: Elektro Moon Vision
Mural: Nikos Tsounakas
Photography / Cinematography: Manos Kalafatelis / Spyros Maltezos
Production: Multitrab Productions
Powered by GERMANOS